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Author: Mark Rieke License: MIT

This is a collection of functions I use regularly both in professional & personal projects. Formalizing in a development package helps speed up workflows without having to re-define functions in each project. If it makes sense, I may coalesce common functions into their own dedicated package, but this can be considered an ever-in-progress testing ground.

Others should note that this is intended primarily for use by me, and it may not be the most well-documented or error-resilient.


If you’d like to use, this package can be installed with the devtools package:



There are currently a few function groups in this package:

  1. stats_extensions.R contains functions that provide an interface to the stats package; namely, adding confidence intervals to common distributions.
  2. bound_transforms.R contains functions that rescale values on a bound scale to an unbounded scale, and vice-versa.
  3. qualtrics_extensions.R contains functions that build upon the qualtRics package, but would be unlikely to be accepted in a PR.
  4. tidyverse_extensions.R contains functions that aggregate common data transformation steps into single function calls.
  5. nps.R contains functions for working with Net Promoter Score (NPS) data.